Rent a boat

At sailing school Aalsmeer you can also rent a boat or board. Our rental fleet is varied and well-maintained. We have sailboats, surfboards, wing foil sets, SUPs, canoes, motorboats and a small 6 person sloop and a large 12 person sloop with skipper. A security deposit, either in cash or by card, is part of any rental agreement. The use of life vests is included in the rent. Other sailing gear such as wetsuits, foul weather gear or a trapeze can be rented separately.

Are you curious if there is enough wind or sunshine at our location? Check the weather forecast for the Westeinderplassen here.

Rent a sailboat

For all of our sailboats we ask a minimum experience level of “NWD 2+”, “CWO 2/Ervaren” or equivalent experience, meaning that you are able to control the boat under all circumstances up to and including wind force 4 Beaufort. We might ask for more experience when the weather forecast predicts a wind force of 5 Beaufort or up.

Keelboat or catamaran

Randmeer Touring / Advance

A fast and dynamic keelboat with trapeze, suitable for 5 adults per boat. A great boat for both touring and racing.


Valk / Flytour

Both Valk en Flytour are stable boats and easy to sail. Suitable for 4 adults, it is the ideal boat for a day of cruising.


RS Cat14

The dynamic and fast RS Cat14 is equipped with a mainsail, jib, gennaker and trapeze. It is a fun boat for active sailors who love speed.


Centreboard boats

Laser Pico / RS Zest

Pico and Zest are fun boats that can be sailed by one person using just the mainsail or by two using mainsail and jib. They are suitable for youth with intermediate experience and adults with basic knowledge of centreboard sailing. Parental supervision required for youth.

Laser single-handed

The laser single-handed is a great boat for the competent and active solo sailor. This Olympic class racing dinghy is a light and dynamic boat that planes easily. It has 3 different sail sizes, to adjust for heavy weather or for youth.

Laser 1mans

Laser double-handed (Vago/2000)

Laser Vago and Laser 2000 are nimble boats for two, equipped with 3 sails and trapeze. They are ideal for experienced centreboard sailors who love to sail together.

Youth centreboard boats


The best known sailboat for youth aged 7-10. Kids are captain on their own boat! Experience (“NWD 2+”, “CWO 2/Ervaren” or equivalent) and parental supervision required.


RS Tera

Dynamic, light and fast boat for youth up to 14 years old. RS Tera capsizes easily, so bring your own wetsuit or rent one from us. Parental supervision required.


RS Feva

RS Feva is equipped with mainsail, jib and gennaker and is sailed by two. It is a fun boat for active sailors aged 12-16. Parental supervision required.

Rent windsurf or wing foil equipment

Sailing school Aalsmeer is ideally situated for windsurfing, with our harbour usually located on the lee shore. There is a surf bay nearby, where a breakwater dam limits the wave action while wind force prevails.

Windsurf set

We have a large choice of sail and board sizes for rent for both intermediate windsurfers (“NWD 2+”, “CWO 2/Ervaren” or equivalent) and advanced windsurfers (“NWD 4”, “CWO 3/Gevorderd” or equivalent).


Wind foil board

Are you an advanced windsurfer and do you already have experience with foiling? Then you can rent a windfoil board from us. Bring your own sail or rent one from us. Would you love to learn windfoiling? Check out our windfoil clinic!


Wing foil set

You can rent a wing foil set from us if you have enough experience to surf upwind. If you want to start easy, rent a wing with a SUP/windsurf board instead of a foilboard. Do you have no previous wing foil experience? Book our wingfoil clinic.


Rent a SUP or canoe

You do not need previous experience to rent a SUP or canoe to explore the Westeinderplassen. Paddling through the many waterways is fun and enjoyable, regardless of your experience. Would you rather get some explanation and guidance? Book our SUP or canoe clinic.

1 person canoe


2 person canoe


Rent a motorboat or sloop

Cruising around the Westeinderplassen with a motorboat or sloop is as laid-back as it gets. The speed limit for the narrow waterways and within 50 meters of the shoreline is 6 km/h and 12 km/h on the open lake.

Small motorboat

Our red motorboats are a common sight on the water. They are easily manoeuvrable and have room for a maximum of 4 adults. A short introduction about boat handling and the waterways is included.


6 person sloop

The sloop has comfortable cushions and a swim ladder, allowing for an enjoyable day on the water. We require previous experience with motorboats or sloops for the skipper. A short introduction about the boat and the waterways is included.


12 person sloop including skipper

This luxurious sloop comes with a skipper, allowing your group to sit back, relax and enjoy a carefree day on the water. The sloop is equipped with comfortable cushions, a sofa bed, a sprayhood and a stereo set.